Systemic Intervision

What is Systemic Intervision?

Systemic intervision is a form of intervision in which we use constellations and work systemically. On the basis of a question or theme, participants gain insight into the hidden dynamics or undercurrent of a question or theme. Working with constellations provides a non verbal language that makes information available that is helpful for the next movement.

How does it work?

What makes systemic intervision different from ordinary intervision is that we are actively involved. We do not approach a question or theme just by thinking, talking or analyzing it. In contrast, we don’t just work with our head, as we often do in our professional life. The systemic approach taps into the four elementary energy sources that help you as a person and as a leader to remain vital. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness grows.

We work with exercises and setups that stimulate your brain in a different way. By working in space you get a three-dimensional picture of what is moving around your question or theme. This provides new or different information that helps you on your way to the next step. Because the image is visible to everyone, the learning effect is available to the entire group.

Who is it for and how can I sign up?

For directors, board members, supervisors, commissioners and consultants.

We work confidentially and on a small scale with invitational groups. You can register per group.

With our international clients we work online via Zoom or in-person if requested in the country of residence.

What is the investment?

An average session takes 8 hours.

The duration depends on the wishes and experience of the group and can be extended to multiple days.

Interested? Please contact so we can make you a tailor-made offer.

To us it is important that we work included and make our work accessible to everyone. We work with different prices for international customers outside Europe. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out what we can do for you?