With the program: LIVE, The Roots provides support for leaders dealing with complex changes in teams and organizations. We bring energy and movement in places so life can flow into the work or project.

At The Roots we do this based on the idea that organizations are constantly on the move.

A continuous process determining hierarchy and order, giving and taking takes place in the undercurrent of the organization. With this in mind, a change cannot be rolled out on the basis of a methodology. The change is not leading, but the people who implement and embodie the change are.

How we work

  • We start with the dialogue in which you tell us what your questions are and what you encounter.
  • Together we design an approach that suits your team(s) and organization.
  • We use and develop the talents present in you and your teams.
  • We are live at important moments for coaching ‘on the job’.

The result

  • Your team has sufficient resources to lead and implement change.
  • Together we create an open culture in which there is room to change and experiment.
  • You have insight into the talents in your organization and how you can nourish this resource.
  • Your self-knowledge as a source for personal leadership has grown.
  • You have implemented a change cycle that suits you and the organization.

The LIVE program deepens the foundation for your leadership, you and your teams can grow further.

If you would like to know more about how this process can help you and your organization, please contact us!