Have an in-depth conversation with your team. An open dialogue to make space for the potential of each member to contribute to the team. We don’t look for problems, we look ahead and explore what is going on in your team at team level. What issues are there? Where do you reinforce each other? Which hidden dynamics are there?

Together you create an open culture, in which everyone can be different. Practice in having an open conversation will bring you closer together.

We use different methodologies in the field of team roles and communication. We never work with a fixed format, we tune in on the current situation. Your question is our starting point.
We always use experiential learning in combination with bodywork, conversations and constellations.

Teamroots is a tailor-made process in which we start with an intake and individual conversations. Creating a secure foundation for having the right conversation in your team. Team members must be able to assume that in the professional setting they will not unintentionally or undesirably end up in personal issues.

Would you like to know more about our approach or possibilities? Let us know.