Our Roots

Petra van den Dragt is founder and owner of The Roots. She has nearly 30 years of experience in healthcare and related industries.

After her master’s degree in Management & Innovation, she started her first company in 2016 in which she guided major change processes for organizations, often from the role of change manager or organizational consultant.

In addition to her work for healthcare organizations in the Netherlands, she is internationally active as a facilitator of constellations and systemic work in organizations and teams. She relates to the African School of Constellations in Cape Town.

Touched by the power of systemic work and ancient wisdom from different cultures, she integrates this into her daily practice. This mix makes her a good sparring partner for individuals, boards and teams looking for ways to deal with changes and crises in their work or personal lives.

When you are up against a wall, put down roots like a tree,
until clarity comes from deeper sources to see over that wall and grow”

Carl Jung