Constellations Workshops

A family constellation is a representation of a family system. Representatives or materials give you insight into personal issues.
Family or organizational constellations are an extremely effective method to gain insight into the force field in which you find yourself. During a setup you create a visualization of the pattern and the associated dynamics you are dealing with. This can concern both your private and professional life.

Family constellations come from the field of systemic work. Systemic work requires a phenomenological view, in which you open yourself up to the whole. You do not look at the details of cause and effect, but first let all the information come to you, without interpreting it.

The founder of systemic working was Bert Hellinger (Germany 1925-2019). He developed family constellations in the late 1980s as a method to quickly gain insight into the root causes of an issue.

You can submit an issue or participate as a representative during this workshop.

The live workshop is scheduled on the following dates in Nunspeet (NL)

– Sunday November 3 (09.30-17.00)

The online workshop is planned on december 7th.

No prior knowledge is required.

The costs are €95 per person (working hours 09.30-17.00 including breaks)