Weaving Wisdom

Finding a high-quality training and workshop is not easy these days. There is a lot on offer and, especially if you start on the path of personal growth, the number can sometimes be daunting.

International network
In Europe, Ria Verlinden has started an initiative to form a community with trainers and coaches who are trained in systemic work, ancient wisdom and rituals. The connection with South Africa in particular is nourishing.

Ancient Wisdom
In addition to South Africa, we work in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Romania. We are always open to other cultures and countries to further grow and develop from systemic and ancient wisdom.

The Weaving Wisdom Community
The foundation for our community is formed by the Weaving Wisdom course, which has been an important transition moment in the life and work of the many (former) participants for many years.

What characterizes us is that we live and work from the personal to the intergenerational, cultural and collective perspective.

Our commitment is to research and take new steps that challenge us and others to explore new paths.