Women’s Circle

The Power of Circle was started more than 30 years ago by Ria Verlinden. In all these years, participation in this workshop has been an important link nationally and internationally for women in their personal and professional development.

The power of women coming together has long been underexposed. It is not obvious, especially in our Western society. Meeting, connecting and inspiring from personal and shared roots has proven to be a fertile ground for many personal and professional directions in the lives of the various participants.

In October 2022, I was allowed to take over the baton of the circle in a special ritual under the guidance of Judy Bekker in Fishhoek, South Africa. Judy is, among other things, the writer of Calling the Daughters (Bekker, 2022).

The issues surrounding women today are different than 30 years ago. After a year of searching and trying, I decided in 2023 to stop the circle in its current form. In 2024 we will continue to build on the foundation in a form that suits the current times and me as a facilitator as well.

As a woman, entrepreneur and leader, I will start a series of circles for women in leadership positions in 2024.

For 2024 these are the following:

  • The birth of my leadership
  • The brilliance of my success
  • The courage to trust
  • Feeding the fire of passion

Dates 2024

  • Thursday March 28
  • Friday June 28
  • FridaySeptember 20
  • Thursday December 12

You can register via the website or by sending an email to petra@theroots.nl. The price per day is €250 excl. VAT. You can register per day or for the series of four. When you register for the entire series of 4 circles you will receive a 10% discount on the total price.

Not in the Netherlands? No problem. Is is possible to have these workshops in the country of your choice. Please contact for tailor-made arrangements.

Be Welcome!

What does participation bring:

  • Become (more) visible on a personal level in what you have to offer.
  • That you enter a different quality of relationship and connection in the business field.
  • Be the owner of your choices and the associated developments.
  • Connecting to a broader field makes you more authentic and rooted